A fast-growing ministry of presence, love and practical help

Pastor Linda's ministry of presence and support at Logan County Jail has spread from the women to the men and outside to their families and friends.

Pastor Linda Walker, a.k.a. "Pastor 9," has a personal history with incarceration. Many years ago, she made some bad choices and was sentenced to do time. "9" is the first digit of 8-digit number assigned to her, hence “Pastor 9.”


She shares her background with the inmates for many reasons, the top two being: 
     “Yes, I do know what it’s like in here” and
     “You can overcome your past with the help of God.”


Several years ago God called her to get involved with Kairos Prison Ministry International at the former women's prison at Dwight - something she had not ever planned on doing! But God has a way...after several years of service with KPMI at Dwight, she was called to the next step: actually planting a Prison Faith Community inside a women's prison. Since she began working toward this goal, Dwight has been closed and the residents moved to Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln. Then -

Northern Illinois Annual Conference Bishop Sally Dyck appointed Linda Walker as planter to Logan Correctional Center, where she serves without pay. Due to political and budget issues in the state, she was not able to begin Crossroads of Life PFC inside the walls immediately, so God opened so many doors outside the walls of the prison itself, as well as opportunities for direct ministry to residents inside, that it's a challenge keeping up!


Rev. Walker is in continuing dialogue with the Illinois Department of Corrections. Because of the change in administration in state government, permission to begin Bible study or weekly services within Logan has not yet been granted, but we pray that Crossroads of Life PFC will be a regular studying, worshiping and serving congregation soon.


Crossroads of Life Prison Faith Community
    a United Methodist ministry to the incarcerated centered at Logan & Lincoln Correctional Centers

Shipping address for  material donations: Crossroads of Life PFC, 302 Broadway, Lincoln IL 62656
Correspondence to Rev. Linda Walker: 1105 North State St., Suite F10, Lincoln IL 62656
Address for financial donations: Crossroads of Life PFC, PO Box 432, St. Charles IL  60175; Advance #50000151
       Rev. Linda Walker:  
walker.linda@comcast.net        (630) 328-6787     or  columc@comcast.net

Stand at the crossroads and look, and ask…what the good way is, and walk in it. (Jeremiah 6:16)